What does that mean?  Well it's quite simple.  Each of us has an internal drive to improve, grow and blaze our own path. This is especially true when it comes to independent financial advisors.

Everyone has their own definition of success.  For some it's the knowledge you're helping others achieve their retirement goals, for others it's the financial freedom they achieve in their practice but, here at Horter, we tend to see success as much more than that.

Our dynamic team of coaches and mentors strive to help you achieve what we refer to as your "Best Self".  That's the person that not only focuses on growing his client base, great at managing the client journey, but realizes that they have the elevated personal awareness to set aside ample time to enjoy the ride!  TIME is your most valuable asset.  We help you get more of it and enjoy every minute you get.

"Be a Guide"

Are you the most well rounded guide for your clients?  The person your clients rely on to hold their financial future safely in your hands?

Our advisors appreciate the responsibility that they have to stay on the top of their game.  They welcome the challenges with unequaled confidence in their ability to author, execute and maintain the best custom financial strategy for each of their clients.

We help our advisors think like HEROES.  Because they are exactly that to their clients!

Stop thinking like a salesperson, you're much more than that.

How We Approach Coaching

We work with you to better utilize your unique talents to better appreciate:

  • How good you can be at your calling.
  • How much fun you can have when you approach your business from a whole new perspective.
  • When you stop "selling" and start educating your prospects. 
  • What it's like to know you have the knowledge to take your business to a level you only ever dreamed of.

We don't try to teach "cookie cutter" sales pitches and the Top 10 Prospect Closes.  

Would you believe that some of our advisors never have to close?

Their prospects actually ask them to accept them as clients.  

Do you want to know how that works?